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The Mobile Photo Awards
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Frequently Answered Questions

Q. How do I enter?

Click the Enter Awards button on the top navigation bar and then follow the instructions to create an account.

Q. How do I pay?

All payments are go through PayPal's secure and encrypted system. This ensures that the MPA neither asks for nor stores any of your financial information. You may use your PayPal account directly or set-up a temporary guest PayPal account and pay by credit card.

Q. May I enter more than once?

Yes. You may purchase as many entries as you like. There are no limits.

Q. I have an Android phone can I submit a photo?


Q. Can I use my desktop or laptop to change the titles of photos?

Yes. The only limitation is no desktop/laptop editing or processing - but title changing, compressing, allowed.

Q. What can I win?


  1. A Grand Prize of $3000US will be awarded to an MPA Photographer of the Year - the entire judging panel will determine the winner based upon the complete body of work submitted. This means that one picture will not win, a photographer with a consistent vision, style and message will instead be criteria upon which a winner will be determined. The Grand Prize also includes 365 POSTAGRAM postcards (a year's worth!), a CanvasPop gift certificate, The Ultimate Collection from Nik Software ($500 value) and an Olloclip mobile phone lens attachment.
  2. Winners and runners-up in every category will be included on the exclusive MPA gallery tour - you will have the opportunity to expose your work to the art buying public and will recieve a print of your image following the exhibits.
  3. Winners in every category will receive an OlloClip lens attachment, 10 Postagram postcard credits, a free copy of Snapseed for Desktop, a CanvasPop gift card, a feature showcase on the MPA blog.
  4. The winner of the ArtHaus Photo Essay category will win an additional $500 US

Q. How many images will be part of the gallery shows?

The winner, the runner-up for each category and a selection of Founder's Choices will be included in the exhibits and the gallery tour. Approximately 50 images.

Q. Why do I have to pay to submit images?

Virtually every open call for gallery exhibits charge an entry fee.  There are substantial costs associated with art gallery shows.  Often, galleries ask entrants to pay for printing and framing if their images are selected for a show.  For the Mobile Photo Awards we are paying for the framing of winning images and giving away substantial prizes in the process.  It’s an open gallery call with prizes! Cool!

Q. If my prints sell on the gallery tour who gets the money?

Artist gets 50% of MPA profits for each print sold.

Q. What if my print doesn’t sell while on display at the galleries?

The Mobile Photo Awards will ship images back to each entrant for you to keep.

Q. Do I keep the copyright on my images?


Q. Can I use apps to process my photos?

You may use any app or combination of apps for any submitted photo. If it's on your phone you can use it.

Q. How does the judging work?

Each lead judge for each category narrows down the entries to a top 30.  Then 4 other judges from the panel will join the lead judge to determine the winner for each category. The entire panel will determine the MPA Photographer of the Year.

Q. What if the judges are biased or favor people they know?

Names will not be attached to the images when the judges make their choices.  This is a “blind” jury.  Also, our judges were chosen for their impartiality, integrity and loyalty to the art of Mobile Photography.  In addition, with a 5 judge panel ultimately choosing winners for each category a healthy debate will take place to determine a winner.

Q. Are judges allowed to enter images in the competition?


Q. How will the Grand Prize be determined?

Once  the category winners have been chosen the entire jury will convene to choose the Grand Prize winner.

Q. When will I know whether or not I have won?

Category winners will be announced in early January 2013, with the Grand Prize being announced shortly after.  Winners will be notified by email. 

Q. When do I get my prize if I win?

Within 3-4 weeks of the announcements.

Q. I paid $20 and submitted 3 images but would like to upgrade to the $30 submit 5 images option.  Do I have to pay the $20 again?

If you choose the $20 3 image option you can upgrade to the $30 5 image option at any time during the submission period by navigating to your profile page, selecting upgrade, and paying an additional $10 - you may purchase as many entties as you like.

Q. How do I know if my submissions have been received?

On your profile page you will see a sidebar on the right side of the page which displays the images you have submitted.  This means that we have received them successfully.

Q. Do I have to submit all of my images at once?

You may submit your images whenever you like during the submission period.  Your profile page will always indicate how many submissions you have paid for and how many you have left to upload.

Q. Can I submit my images via mobile phone?

Yes.  If you choose to enter via mobile phone you will receive an email with instructions for submitting via mobile

Q. Can I enter the Awards more than once with another account under another email address?

Sure. Go for it. You may also purchase unlimited entries from one account.

Q. When will the gallery shows take place?

All of the gallery shows will take place beginning in spring 2013.  Winners will be on an email list and will be notified with lots of time to spare if they wish to attend any of the exhibitions.

Q. What if I'm from a country where prizes and entries into gallery competitions are forbidden?

This is up to each entrant to determine for themselves. The MPA will comply with all international laws where such concerns arise.

If you have any other questions please direct them to us via the contact form located on the navigation bar.

Thanks and good luck!

The Mobile Photo Awards team